The Ultimate Bath Activity Table
Eles Elsee Amazon 5.0 out of 5 stars. Such a great idea!

Such a great concept, saw on a mommy blog and it is really a great idea --- but be warned, make sure your tub has a fully smooth surface before purchasing. My daughter loves it. Looking forward to more options to switch out.

Julie Guerrero on Amazon, February 1, 2017 MUST-HAVE Bath Toy

My son LOVES this table! He never wants to get out of the bathtub. We love that there are different activity sets for him to play with, so we swap them out each time and it's always a different experience for him. He has fun trying to fit the different shapes in the holes, I love that it's educational for him too.
It's great that it folds up so be easily stored away. It helps keep the water INSIDE the bathtub too! Such a great idea!!

Thomas Gendron Amazon Customer

My kids love this! They got it for Christmas, mainly because they were useing the side of the tub to put there toys/ cups full of water and it was causing the bathroom to be flooded daily. I didn't want to discourage their water play, but the spills was getting out of hand. This thing gave them the surface they needed to play without risk to the bathroom floor. The only thing is our tub floor isn't smooth, so it takes some effort to get the suction to work, but that's not the products fault so that's why i still gave 5 stars.

Kristy R. Johnson Aunt

Rumor has it that my great niece & nephew love this.-- It was a Christmas present

Tea for Two

Wild and crazy Saturday night over here. Bubbly tea party for them and real bubbly for me. But seriously you guys, the girls are obsessed with this Tubbytable, they play with it until their toes are wrinkled and the water is cold. So fun!

Amazon Customer Twins Love the Tubby Table

My twins love the Tubby Table...especially the toys..we also have the safari insert and the boys love it. The squirt toys are a total hit during bath time. They also love to play with the shapes and put them back in their places. It's easy to remove from the bath as well. The Tubby Table makes bath time more fun for them and they are excited to take a bath.

Laura R Amazon Customer

I love this table. It was super easy to put together and my 4 year old twin boys love it. They enjoy the fact that they can sit on either side of the table and play together and the toys don't sink or float away. They are real big into pretend play so they set up shows for each other on the table. We have the coloring mat that fits in the middle too. They tend fight over that space so I hide the crayons. They can fight over anything. It's well made. The included toys are fun and interesting for them and I don't have to fight them to get into the bath anymore.

Shannon Amazon Customer

Love this toy! So much fun for my 14 month old AND my 4 year old to play together with in the tub! Easy to assemble and folds up for convenient storage.

Toddler Bath Time Must Haves

Isabella loves to play in the tub and I love playing with her. We found the ultimate entertainment center for the tub! The tubby table is seriously another amazing invention where I once again ask myself, why didn’t I think of this?

Debra Gehrke Special Needs Kids

My grandson has ... sensory issues so tub time was not fun. Now he concentrates on [the] table and playing so now tub is fun... .

Jennifer Tucker-Szyszkiewicz Mother of 16-mo. old

My 16 month old daughter has been protesting baths for a few months with giant crocodile tears that made her mama so sad. Then I remembered that I bought her aTubby Table  Last year! She was so happy and played for 30 minutes! Thank you Tubby Table for a happy bath time and happy baby! (This time she cried when I said it was time to get out!)  

Jillian Darlington, @MomCoApp Top Toys to Buy for Kids

I just wanted to let you know that we are getting the biggest reaction to your product more than any others :) It is brilliant and I am proud to promote it.




Becky Morrison, Owner, Carolina Marketplace ...A completely new idea!

I think that one of the reasons we are excited about [the Tubby Table]  is that it is a completely new idea and concept.   There have always been a lot of toys for tubs, but to have a surface to play and learn is a completely new idea!

Bravewarrior, via Vine Voice Grandmother of 3 year old

My grandson is three (this many III) and he liked the toy and poured water over the water wheel 50+ times. He loves the tub and his Granny. That plunger really stuck too. …

Julie Burt Nichols Mother of toddler boys

The boys LOVED it! I couldn't get them out of the tub!


Kerri Schwartz Stern Mother of twin 3 year olds

When we saw this product, we knew it would be perfect for our boys. As soon as I got the box, I easy assembled the Tubby Table (easy instructions to follow), and once the boys saw it, they wanted to take a bath immediately! I placed the Tubby Table in the tub and and as soon as the boys got in, they started playing with the squirt animals and the shapes. The ease and ability to turn the table is also an excellent feature, as the boys can easily rotate the table safely. After bath, I tried to take out the Tubby Table, but the boys wouldn't let me!

This is a great product, easy to use, and fun for my boys!

Valerie Matteson, via Vine Voice Expectant grandmother

How can you beat education and fun? Our new grandson due in December will love this! It is very sturdy, brightly colored and perfect for ages 9 - 24 months. How great to have a bath time toy that is not only fun and can let the little one's imagination go wild but to also be educational? Very clever.
As a grandma of almost 5 and mom of 6, I was happy to see that there are no sharp or hard edges. Soft, rubber, rounded. No screws sticking out either!

Adam, via Vine Voice Uncle of a toddler

Worth it! Bought it for my Nephew. Just having a flat play surface for him to play with his toys on made it worth it, keeps him focused in the tub. The way it folds down really easily and the compatibility with building blocks is awesome as well.

Plus it just looks slick, love the soft touch on the bumper.

Allison Tai Canadian mother of two girls

“My favorite thing is that my kids no longer use the side of the bathtub as a shelf. It’s hard to explain to an 18-month old that the water needs to stay in the tub when they’re experimenting with filling and pouring.”

Dr. Toy, aka Stevanne Auerbach Ph.D. Juvenile Products Industy Expert

Awarded Top 100 Toys for 2105 and Top 10 Best Creative Toys.  “It’s sturdy fun that encourages children to play in the water without a mess.” 

Keriann Wilmot About.Com Toys Expert

Bye Bye Baby Bath Tub, Hello Tubby Table!. ... Simple and completely genius. 

LMarie Weeks contest winner

Thank you so much we LOVE the tubby table This thing is AWESOME!

Vanessa mother of a 2 year-old

I am a new Mom and I received the Tubby Table as a gift for my daughter's birthday. I would suggest to all pregnant women and their spouses to put it on their baby shower gift registry or birthday list. 

Jessica L. Bengels mother of 3 1/2 year old

... an awesome product! I have been looking for something like this for 2 years now -- ever since the "don't line up/spill cups of water on the bathroom rim!" war began with my now 3 1/2 year old.  I can't even express how much happier bath time has become now that we don't have this battle...and my daughter is heaven making tea parties and bathtubs out of the shape cups for her zoo squirty friends. She loves the "squishy" feel of the perimeter of the rectangle and the fact that she can slide it across the bathroom floor (without the table coming up) when she wants to play with it from another angle. The red cushion seat which came with it is also very high quality and she loved sitting on that too. She always loved taking baths, but now we can do so without stress - and we're both in heaven. Thank you so much for the innovative, high quality table. My only wish is that we had discovered this years ago.

Darya via "This is the gift that keeps on giving year after year."

I just LOVE it!!! And the Child loved it even more!!! What fun in the tub. The Vroom-Vroom Pack added more variety when needed. You know how Boys love their Cars and Trucks! The great thing about the Tubby Table, is that it is adjustable and it can fit a child up to 6 yrs old! Sturdy construction and easy to put together. This is the gift that keeps on giving year after year.

Desiree, The Funny Mom Blog mother of 2, 4, & 6 year olds

I mean…can you see the happiness in the baby’s face? Did you just die right there from all that cute? The Tubby Table is seriously that fun folks. Who knew that introducing such a simple, yet open ended toy would provide such endless hours of genuine fun.

Barbara Barros Grandson, age 3

My family is sold on the product and my little grandson thanks you for inventing it!

Sarah Blogger and mother of two boys

If you have small children on your shopping lists, or expectant parents, this would make a great gift!!

Laura P, Blogger & Grandma

Rilee thought she had died and gone to bathtub heaven!! She absolutely loved the Tubby Table! She keeps asking her Mom for Grammies bath toy!!! I love that!! If you are looking for ways to entertain your kids while in the bathtub I highly recommend the Tubby Table!!

Amy Cox Deckard Mother of two boys

They asked for their tubby table in the pool today. They always have fun playing on it!

Icar, mother of a 2 year old

Tubby Table is a breakthrough in kid's bath time.

Kiwi < 3 via

My son received the Tubby Table as a gift. He is the kid that could care less about taking a bath, often times standing the entire time. Now he asks to take a bath & has such a great time. He knows the shapes, the colors & loves all the different things he can do with the table. It is easy to put together (my 8yr old nephew did it), comes in & out of the bath easily, cleans well...a parents dream bath toy!!

Megan Smith Editor, MV Parent Magazine

I really like this little table, it looks like something a lot of parents could use! My daughter loves playing in the tub, and we've just been using a footstool in there as a table...looks like we might have to upgrade!My daughter loves playing in the tub, and we've just been using a footstool in there as a table...looks like we might have to upgrade!