The Ultimate Bath Activity Table

Designed by Parents, for Kids

We aren’t unlike most parents we meet. We all come up with ideas about how we could make our lives easier especially with kids in their toddler years. We want them to have fun, but we want them to be safe, and we want them to learn. They move around a lot, they explore, and most of all they love to play whether it’s on the kitchen floor making music or in the bathtub with their plastic toys.  So when our twins were born and playing in the bathtub together, we came up with an idea. They were putting their toys all around the edges of the bathtub. It didn’t give them much room to play, and they were getting water and bubbles all over the floor. So we designed a play table for the bathtub, and since our kids called bath time “Tubby Time” we called it the Tubby Table.

The Problem and the Solution

The problem with bath time play is that kids only have the small edges of the bath tub on which they can set up their toys for play, Inevitably the toys get filled with water, and the water ends up on the floor.

The Tubby Table was designed by parents, for kids. We involved parents of kids ranging from 1 year olds to 4 year olds in the design process, and we ensured that the product would be produced with the highest quality materials and strict attention to detail. After all, this is a product for our kids, and for this age group, it also needs to be durable.

Safety and Comfort

As parents, we are as concerned as you are about the safety. We researched and selected the highest rated manufacturers and highest quality materials. We designed the Tubby Table with rounded edges and also included a non-slip tub mat inside the box for your little one to sit on while he/she plays with the Tubby Table.

Our patented pedestal leg with super-strong suction cup is designed to keep children from getting stuck under the table. All Tubby Table Toys, Inc. products are designed and tested according to applicable rules and regulations. In the U.S., this includes acts enforced by the Consumer Products Safety Commission, and those defined by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). The most recent U.S. legislation is H.R. 4040, also known as the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), passed in August of 2008. This law addresses the amounts of lead allowable in children’s products and child care articles, the amount of Phthalates allowable in children’s toys and child care articles, as well as proper labeling and tracking of these items. LIKE ALL SUCTIONED PRODUCTS, THE SUCTION CUP ON THE TUBBY TABLE WILL NOT ADHERE TO A TEXTURED BATHTUB SURFACE. 

As per CPSIA, Tubby Table Toys, Inc. tests post-production samples of all regulated products, using certified third-party laboratories. These products are labeled with tracking information to identify the manufacturing date and location of each product.

We understand the concerns of parents regarding product safety. We work only with factories that have invested in personnel and procedures to help ensure their safety and compliance. We will continue these efforts so that consumers can always feel safe and secure with Tubby Table Toys, Inc. products.

Warning: Adult (one-time) assembly required. This product contains small parts in its unassembled state. Before assembly and each use, inspect this product for damaged or missing parts or sharp edges.  DO NOT use if any parts are missing or broken.  Contact Tubby Table Toys for replacement parts.  Never substitute parts. If you are missing parts or need assistance, please visit our Replacement Parts page. NEVER leave a child in the bath for ANY reason without the supervision of an adult. NEVER allow other children to substitute for adult supervision. Adult supervision required at all times. Do not allow children to play with the table parts prior to assembly. The Tubby Table is made of high quality materials and complies with all applicable child safety regulations and standards.

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