The Ultimate Bath Activity Table

Like all busy working Moms, we quickly experienced the joy and the “Uh Ohs” of bath time. When our twins grew into very curious and VERY active toddlers, the evening ritual of fun, suds and giggles always ended with water all over the bathroom floor.  With degrees in early childhood education and business, as well as experience working for leading toy manufacturers Fisher-Price and Mattel, we instinctively began to brainstorm a solution.  How can we minimize the mess?  How can we make bath time even more fun?  Might there even be an opportunity to use this special time together at the end of every day to do a little learning?  Our brainstorming soon turned into concept sketches, then our concept sketches turned into a business plan, and soon the Tubby Table was born.  We designed Tubby Table from the ground up to be safe, sturdy, and both parent and kid-friendly – on every level!

The Tubby Table gives kids a play surface in the middle of the tub, allowing the water to flow back into the tub instead of all over the bathroom floor. The Tubby Table is not only fun, but educational as well. In 2015 we are introducing the New and Improved Tubby Table based on all the wonderful feedback from our customers. We took our single table-top design and added 3 different play areas for more play patterns for kids.  They will have a blast learning as they play. It also allows for siblings to play together and share their toys.

Finally, a bath time solution that is fun, educational AND keeps the water inside the tub.