The Ultimate Bath Activity Table

Below you will find helpful information about frequently asked questions, our return policy and assembly instructions. If your question isn't answered below please contact us

  • How old does my child need to be to use the Tubby Table?

    The Tubby Table is designed for children ages 18 months & up.  Your child should be able to sit on his or her own in the tub before using it. Older children enjoy using the Tubby Table as well since it gives them a place to play with their favorite toys.

  • My Tubby Table moves a bit in the tub. Is this supposed to happen?

    Yes. This is perfectly normal and part of the smart design. It allows for children to collect toys that may have fallen off the table or are floating around the tub. It also helps keep children from getting stuck under the tub. You will notice that the table itself is still suctioned to the tub bottom and remains stable.

  • How big is the Tubby Table? Will it fit in my tub?

    The Tubby Table measures 14” (W) x 17”(L) X 8” (H). The patented suction cup pedestal design allows it to fit in virtually any tub. The Tubby Table top can be turned to fit either the length or the width of your bath tub.

  • Are there other Tubby Table Toys available?

    Yes. Check out the Shop page for current and new items including our new line of TUBBY BUDDY Activty Mats for use with the New Tubby Table. Each will have a theme for imaginative play. The mats fit easily in the middle of the new Tubby Table or can be used separately because the float! The available themes are:

    Tubby Buddy Little Racers; race track themed mat with 4 cool race cars

    Tubby Buddy Zoo Safari; Wild Animal themed mate with 4 wildly cute zoo animals - a hippo, lion, elephant, and tiger

    Tubby Buddy Wet & Sketch; a drawing mat for the bathtub with bath crayons 

    Many more to come in 2016! 


  • How does the suction cup work?

    It’s very simple. The super strong suction cup adheres to the bottom of virtually any bathtub. Set the pedestal leg on to a clean bath tub surface (make sure the bottom of the suction cup is clean as well).  Spin down the blue shroud cover until a tight seal is achieved. The cup may slide a bit, but it is secure to the bottom of the tub. Make sure the tub bottom is dry, and no water is in the tub before attaching pedestal. See our on line How to Assemble the Tubby Table for more information.

  • Can my child use the table as a seat?

    No. The Tubby Table is not intended as a seat. Neither children nor adults should sit or stand on the Tubby Table or lean with great force on the Tubby Table.

  • How many children can use the Tubby Table at once?

    Depending on the size of your bath tub, as many as 4 children can use the Tubby Table together. Most bath tubs can accommodate at least 2 children with the Tubby Table. A tub that can fit 4 children plus the Tubby Table would be an exceptionally large tub.

  • Will the Tubby Table fit my 4 year old as well as my 18 month old?

    Yes. The Tubby Table is able to grow as your child grows. Simply spin the table in a counter clockwise direction and watch to raise it to accommodate your taller children. It is not recommended that you use it in the taller height with smaller children in the tub.

  • Can I use other toys with the Tubby Table?

    Absolutely. The Tubby Table is intended to be a bath play surface. Any toys you would normally play with in the bathtub can be used on the Tubby Table.

  • Do you offer gift wrapping, gift cards or gift certificates?

    At this time we do not offer gift wrapping, cards or certificates.

  • What is your return policy

    We designed the Tubby Table for 110% customer satisfaction. However, if you would like to return it for a full refund, please follow the instructions below and please tell us why you are making a return. Thank you.


    All items purchased from Tubby Table Toys, Inc. can be returned within 30 days of delivery for an exchange or a full refund of the price of the item and must include the original receipt.

    If you are exchanging an item, please note that shipping charges to Tubby Table Toys, Inc. as well as return shipping is paid by the customer. Shipping on returned items is not refundable, unless the reason for the exchange or return is due to an error by Tubby Table Toys, Inc.  (e.g. product is damaged or defective). Tubby Table Toys, Inc. will only return/exchange items purchased through and a copy of your receipt is required.

    Please send your receipt and the reason for the return to:

    Please note: A customer service representative will contact you within 48 hours of your submission with return instructions. Please expect a total processing time of 4-6 weeks to receive your refund or exchange.  In many cases, it will be received sooner.

  • How do I get a replacement for a broken or damaged part?

    If you find yourself in need of a replacement part, please follow the directions below:

    Please submit the following information via email to: for review.

    • Name, Shipping address and phone number
    • One image of the problem area for review
    • Explanation of the issue (what piece is broken or needs replacing. A list of parts can be found on the assembly instructions)
    • Date of purchase
    • Order Number

    We will review your request and let you know within 48 hours if we can help you.

  • Will Tubby Table Toys, Inc. ever share my personal information?

    We understand the sensitivity of your personal information and Tubby Table Toys, Inc. will not share or sell your personal information with other parties. When you order with us, we ask for your personal email address so we can communicate with you about your order, send you an order confirmation, and occasionally tell you about exciting Tubby Table Toys, Inc. news. You may opt-out if you no longer wish to receive communications from us.

    All other personal information is used for order processing purposes and is kept private and secure.

  • Are Tubby Table Toys, Inc. products safe for my children?

    At Tubby Table Toys, Inc., we take safety seriously. A non-slip bath mat is included  for your child to sit on while playing. Our patented pedestal leg with super-strong suction cup is designed to keep children from getting stuck under the table. All Tubby Table Toys, Inc. products are designed and tested according to applicable rules and regulations. In the U.S., this includes acts enforced by the Consumer Products Safety Commission, and those defined by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). The most recent U.S. legislation is H.R. 4040, also known as the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), passed in August of 2008. This law addresses the amounts of lead allowable in children’s products and child care articles, the amount of Phthalates allowable in children’s toys and child care articles, as well as proper labeling and tracking of these items.

    As per CPSIA, Tubby Table Toys, Inc. tests post-production samples of all regulated products, using certified third-party laboratories. These products are labeled with tracking information to identify the manufacturing date and location of each product.

    We understand the concerns of parents regarding product safety. We work only with factories that have invested in personnel and procedures to help ensure their safety and compliance. We will continue these efforts so that consumers can always feel safe and secure with Tubby Table Toys, Inc. products.

  • What kind of warranty does Tubby Table Toys, Inc. offer?

    Here at Tubby Table Toys, Inc., we take great pride in the quality of the craftsmanship of each Tubby Table and future Tubby Table Toys we produce. We are firmly committed to providing our customers best-in-class, high quality, genuine Tubby Table Toys, Inc. products and we stand behind that by offering a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for as long as the original owner has the product.

    This warranty does not cover damages caused by improper care, accidents, normal wear and tear, or the natural breakdown of materials. It also does not cover products that are re-sold, given away, or in any other case where you are not the first and original owner.

  • Where can I find assembly instructions for my product?

    Click the link below to download assembly instructions. You must have  Adobe Reader installed to view the PDF.


  • How do I clean or do I need to clean my Tubby Table?

    It just makes good sense to every now and again (maybe once a month) wipe down your Tubby Table with warm soap and water. The minerals in water vary by area and will start to build up on your Tubby Table. Just a note of caution, please do not attempt to wash in the dishwasher. The Tubby Table will not withstand the high heat in the dishwasher.